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If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, walk-in-wardrobe or any space in your home and need some help and inspiration, we know just where to start to unlock its full potential! Our experienced design specialists will plan & design a custom look just for you! 

Maltashopper provides a simple path to design, experience, and purchase in your personalised space. 

How it works

Your dream space can be easily achieved one of two ways with Maltashopper, in person or via virtual consultation.


In-person appointment

The easiest way to reach your dream space would be to set an appointment with one of our design team. Here you would visit our offices and sit across from our designer, where you would discuss and develop your space right before your eyes. You may also look through a selection of door material samples in person during the consultation.

Our design service charges €100 and is done by appointment at our offices in Santa Venera, Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 15.30. If the order is confirmed, including assembly you will be refunded €50 of the original fee. If you wish to set up an appointment, click the button below and let us know your preferred days and times, and we will get back to you. 

Book Design Appointment 




Virtual Consultation

We provide a clear path to getting your IKEA space designed and will help you see your space differently. Our experienced designers use eight key criteria to create an IKEA design that reflects your unique needs.

Our virtual design service charges €100 and is done by a virtual appointment Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 15.30. If the order is confirmed including assembly you will be refunded €50 of the original fee paid. If you wish to set up an appointment kindly click on the button below and we will get back to you. 


We will ask you a  series of questions that help us understand what’s unique about your space and what’s important for you. Tell us about your vision and expectations, appliance info, storage needs etc. We’ll take care of the rest



We’d like to see a few examples of what you love. Houzz and Pinterest are great sources of images you could gather for us. They’ll help us to personalise and configure your design. Just include any links or images to the email.





Jot down your measurements on a sheet of paper and take a smartphone pic and send it to us. We’ll contact you with any questions. Don’t worry. Our configuration includes detailed measurements so that you can verify them before buying your cabinets.




There’s no better way for us to understand the space we are working with than to see a few photos. Take simple phone photos of each wall. We’ll see details in the photos that would be difficult to explain over the phone or in an email




A group of our designers reviews everything that we’ve gotten from you. We share ideas and create a draft of your intended configuration. This draft is a starting point for us to continue working together until we’ve completed a look that you love.






Once you’re satisfied with your final layout, we’ll send you a complete package, including any extra items that are needed for all IKEA installations and an installer-ready plan.




We’ll save a copy of your configuration along with a detailed list of its components. You’ll use this for your final purchase through 




It’s hard to find competent cabinet installers. That’s why we invested lots of effort in finding, interviewing and verifying capable IKEA cabinet installers. Assembly is optional and will be quoted separately according to your specifications.

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