Athena - kitchen, white larch effect, 255 x 60 x 216cm

  • Certified as Made in Italy
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Cooktop, oven, and refrigerator included
  • Built-in refrigerator
  • Ideal for small spaces

In the Athena fixed composition model, you can find everything you need in a kitchen without compromising on space in your living area. In fact, its compact dimensions make it ideal for small spaces or multifunctional rooms, such as a studio apartment or an open space layout. Its smooth yet matte surfaces are a plus when it comes to cleaning.

Appliances Included
One single purchase, no more worries! Our fixed composition kitchens come with a trio of appliances: fridge + oven + cooktop, all ready for use. If you prefer to incorporate appliances from other brands from Mondo Convenienza catalog, you can do so for a small additional cost.


The Athena collection offers a complete kitchen setup with a 60 cm refrigerator column, a 45 cm base unit (1 drawer and 1 door), a 60 cm oven unit, a 90 cm under-sink cabinet (2 doors, each 45 cm), a 45 cm wall unit, a 12 cm plinth, a 4 cm high countertop, a 195 cm backsplash, a filtering hood, a single-basin sink with a draining board, an oven, a cooktop, and a fridge/freezer. The handles are made of metal with a chrome finish.


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