Greta -Fitted kitchen, black

  • Contemporary and stylish finishes
  • Certified as Made in Italy
  • Exceptional modularity of modules
  • Doors exhibit remarkable durability
  • English-style kitchen display cabinet

Modular and customizable in every aspect, you can craft your unique combination by blending matte finishes, handles, base units, wall cabinets, including metal and wood bookshelves. In fact, the distinctive feature of this model is its fusion of modern details with traditional structures, such as the framed door and the English-style kitchen cabinet. Versatility, comfort, elegance: it's your Greta kitchen.

Standard Composition

The prices for the kitchens are based on the 'Standard Composition': a kitchen that is 255 cm long, 60 cm deep, and 215 cm high, complete with Perla appliances, code C28L.

Price Includes:

1 refrigerator with a 223-liter capacity and freezer
1 60 cm refrigerator column
1 60 cm built-in oven base
1 4-burner stainless steel cooktop
1 60 cm electric oven
1 45 cm base unit
1 90 cm under-sink cabinet
1 80 cm stainless steel sink with a basin and draining board
1 60 cm range hood wall cabinet
1 60 cm range hood filter
1 90 cm dish drainer
1 195 cm countertop
1 255 cm plinth
1 195 cm wall unit support bar
1 45 cm wall unit
1 195 cm backsplash


The modular Greta kitchen combines modern elements with classic aesthetics. Ideal for spacious settings, it features ample drawers and modular components, including bookshelf sides, snack counters, and corner units, ensuring versatility. The wooden framed doors are also available with glass inserts, embellished with long handles that make opening them effortless. In its white color scheme, Greta helps create a bright and relaxing environment.

Assembly of the product is required.


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