What is Fetch?

FETCH is a service by Maltashopper that allows you to purchase from any online sellers in the EU that deliver to an address in Sicily and have us bring them down for you.

How do I sign up, when do I start?

Make sure that you have an account on the Maltashopper website. If not yet, please register on our website
Once you have registered an account on please login to your customer area and on the bottom left, you will see your FETCH account number. To get instructions about how to use Fetch please send an email to and we will send you an email with the relevant instructions. You can start shopping and using FETCH immediately.

How do I use the service?

Upon registration, you will be assigned your unique FETCH account number (ex. 6855969183421) and the address to use when you shop online. A telephone number will also be supplied in case a vendor asks for one to be supplied. When shopping online you need to ensure that the name you give is 'Maltashopper' immediately followed by the FETCH account number provided, this needs to be correctly entered together with the supplied FETCH hub address.

Sample Address:

MALTASHOPPER 685596918342
FETCH Address

It is very important to include your FETCH account number as we depend on this to be able to deliver your item to you. If you do not include the account number, it will be impossible for us to do so. Maltashopper is unable to deliver any items received without the correct FETCH account number. these items will be immediately considered to be unclaimed. FETCH shall not be held liable for mis/non-delivery of items received without the FETCH account number or with an incorrect FETCH address given.

The online seller will send the items you ordered to the FETCH hub address provided. And this will be forwarded by FETCH to Malta.

Which countries can I order from?

You may order from any online sellers in the EU that deliver to an address in Sicily.

How much does it cost?

You will be billed for the parcel that you received according to its volume and weight. See the table below to view the relevant Fetch fees. All quoted prices include VAT but do NOT include any applicable customs tariffs. Upon receipt of your item at our Italy Hub, your item will be measured and weighed and a payment request will be sent to you to the email address that is linked to your maltashopper account. Your FETCH item will be ready for collection upon arrival receipt of your payment. Items that exceed the maximum weight of 50kg or the maximum volume of 100cmx100cmx100cm will not be accepted for transport. In such cases, we will contact you directly to advise the applicable fee for this oversized item.

How long will my parcel take to get to Malta?

The average time for a parcel to arrive from our Sicily hub to our Malta warehouse is 10 days.

Will you deliver my parcel or must I collect it?

When the item arrives in Malta you will be informed and given the option to collect your parcel from our warehouse (at no additional charge) or you may choose to add delivery of the item to your local address for the additional price of €10 for 1 delivery attempt.

How do I pay you for the service?

Upon receipt of the items in Malta, FETCH will measure and weigh your item and issue a digital payment request according to the results. Upon payment, you will be free to come and collect your parcel. Should the payment request remain pending or the parcel be refused or not collected within 3 weeks of arrival, Maltashopper reserves the right dispose of the received parcel at their discretion without compensation.

What happens if my stuff arrives broken?

You are expected to make sure that your parcel is covered by adequate insurance. We are not responsible for the condition that your parcel arrives.

What happens if my parcel does not arrive?

If the parcel does not arrive at our hub then you will need to claim with your supplier directly. Maltashopper is not responsible for and will not entertain any complaints about non receipt of goods.

What happens if I decide that I no longer want the item after it arrives?

Any unclaimed parcels will be disposed of 3 weeks after we have notified you of their arrival. If you wish to return a parcel, you should claim it from us and then proceed to make your own arrangements to send the item back to your supplier.

Is there a size & weight limit?

The maximum allowed weight for any parcel is of 50kg The maximum allowed volume of any parcel is 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm.

Can I send parcels from Malta?

We do not offer a service for sending parcels from Malta.

Are there any goods that I cannot bring using Fetch?

There are prohibited items which we cannot ship with FETCH. When sending items such as Seeds, Lithium batteries and aerosols, you are required to advise FETCH before purchasing. It is your responsibility to ensure that the ordered items may be legally and safely imported into Malta.
There are some items which we cannot ship because they are either prohibited or dangerous and may cause damage to equipment, other packages or personnel. It is your responsibility to ensure that the items you ordered can be legally and safely shipped to Malta. It is advisable to seek guidance before presenting goods of a particular nature for delivery. Valuable items, hazardous items and liquid materials cannot be accepted. Live plants or seeds, live animals or insects, animal carcasses, animal by-products (ABPs) including skins, leather and furs, weapons or part of (including replicas, toys and accessories), firearms and ammunition, bullion, biohazard, asbestos, hazardous or combustible materials including hazardous waste (as defined in IATA Regulations), waste/garbage for disposal, human remains, including ashes, narcotics (illegal), alcohol, tobacco, vapes/e-cigarettes or part of, vape additives, perfume, antiques (breakable and/or fragile), jewellery, precious metals or stones and cash/currency is prohibited. Shipments that would cause damage to equipment, other packages or personnel are also prohibited. 

Can I get many parcels in one go?

Each received parcel is billed separately. This means that if your seller sends you 3 separate boxes they are considered to be 3 separate shipments and you will be billed for each box. When buying more than one item from the same seller, we recommend you ask the seller to send your items together as one package keeping in mind our maximum limits.

Can I cancel my order once the seller ships my item to the hub?

Unfortunately, this would not be possible. Once we receive the item, the Fetch fee must be paid or the item will be considered unclaimed.

What must I do if I have an issue outside the Customer Care opening hours?

Please send an email to or a private message on our Fetch Facebook page. We will do our best to solve your issue as soon as possible.

How can I pay 10% less for Fetch?

To get 10% off your Fetch service all you have to do is Subscribe to Maltashopper Family and let us know. We will see that 10% will be reduced from your bill because you're family.