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We believe that even the smallest room in your home deserves to be stylish and functional. Our bathroom products include everything you need to make your daily routine more comfortable and convenient, from storage solutions and mirrors to lighting and accessories. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, our wide range of products will help you create your dream bathroom. So, visit us on our website and experience the IKEA way of life!

IKEA Bathroom Products

1456 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 1456 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 1456 products
BROGRUND - Toilet roll holder, stainless steelBROGRUND - Toilet roll holder, stainless steel
GODMORGON - Box with lid, set of 5, smokedGODMORGON - Box with lid, set of 5, smoked
SKOGHALL - Hook, self-adhesive, chrome-platedSKOGHALL - Hook, self-adhesive, chrome-plated
ENHET - Wall fr w shelves, anthraciteENHET - Wall fr w shelves, anthracite
TÖRNVIKEN - Countertop wash-basin, whiteTÖRNVIKEN - Countertop wash-basin, white
BOLMEN - Toilet brush/holder, blackBOLMEN - Toilet brush/holder, black
EKOLN - Waste bin, dark greyEKOLN - Waste bin, dark grey
BROGRUND - Touch top bin, stainless steelBROGRUND - Touch top bin, stainless steel
BROGRUND - Hook, stainless steelBROGRUND - Hook, stainless steel
RÅGRUND - Shelving unit, bambooRÅGRUND - Shelving unit, bamboo
GODMORGON - Box with compartments, smokedGODMORGON - Box with compartments, smoked
SKOGSVIKEN - Hook for door, blackSKOGSVIKEN - Hook for door, black
TISKEN - Hook with suction cup, whiteTISKEN - Hook with suction cup, white
STORAVAN - 3-piece bathroom set, whiteSTORAVAN - 3-piece bathroom set, white
SKOGSVIKEN - Toilet roll holder, blackSKOGSVIKEN - Toilet roll holder, black
ALSTERN - Bath mat, beigeALSTERN - Bath mat, beige
Sale price€9.99
ALSTERN - Bath mat, beigeIkea
BOLMEN Toilet brush holder - whiteBOLMEN Toilet brush holder - white
EKOLN - Waste bin, beigeEKOLN - Waste bin, beige
Sale price€17.99
EKOLN - Waste bin, beigeIkea
RÄNNILEN - Water trap, 1 bowlRÄNNILEN - Water trap, 1 bowl
TACKAN - Soap dispenser, whiteTACKAN - Soap dispenser, white
BROGRUND - Towel rail, stainless steelBROGRUND - Towel rail, stainless steel
BROGRUND - Corner wall shelf unit, stainless steelBROGRUND - Corner wall shelf unit, stainless steel
TJUSIG - Hanger, whiteTJUSIG - Hanger, white
Sale price€20.99
TJUSIG - Hanger, whiteIkea
EKOLN - Toilet brush, dark greyEKOLN - Toilet brush, dark grey