Primrose - Complete bedroom with storage bed, matt white, 273  x  60  x  253cm

  • 4 colors available
  • Space-saving container bed
  • Wardrobe with 6 honeycomb doors
  • 2 bedside tables, dresser and mirror
  • High quality that wins

Seize the opportunity to have a room equipped with everything you need with the introduction of the Primula collection. This collection is distinguished by its simple and delicate lines, as well as its functional details, including the wardrobe handle: long, slender, barely noticeable to the eye, and practical to the touch. It doesn't stop at just design; it also prioritizes the choice of materials. The wardrobe's honeycomb construction ensures increased strength, stability, and durability, while also reducing the overall weight by 40%. Elegant, robust, and fully equipped, that's Primula.

Wardrobe with hinged doors

Efficiently arrange your clothing within the high-quality 6-door wardrobe, courtesy of its honeycomb paneling. Within each module, you'll find two clothes hanger tubes, neatly divided by a sturdy shelf. Adding a touch of both style and functionality is the handle, designed to match the door's length and finish.

Container bed

Here's a strategy for maximizing bedroom space: consider a bed with a storage compartment, providing a convenient solution for storing items that would otherwise clutter your wardrobe. Raising it is a breeze, requiring just three simple movements to restore order—a testament to your organizational prowess!

Bedroom Set

This room provides you with a comprehensive ensemble, complete with a dresser featuring three spacious drawers and two bedside tables, each equipped with two drawers. Additionally, there's a versatile mirror for your use, which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically to suit your preferences.


The Primula Night Collection presents a comprehensive bedroom suite, comprising a wardrobe with six hinged doors, incorporating three shelves and six clothes hanger rods. It also features a double bed complete with storage compartments and a bed base, a chest of drawers, two bedside tables, and a mirror. Please note that a mattress is not included, and assembly of the product is required.


Width: 273cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 253cm


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