Zante - Corner sofa with peninsula on the left, smoke fabric, 234 x 148 x 86cm

  • 3 places with a practical peninsula
  • Available in 2 color variations
  • all legs: practical and elegant

Much more than a sofa: a blend of design and comfort! Zante boasts elegant lines and a bold look, perfect for contemporary spaces. Enjoy the comfort of the padded backrest, soft cushions, and spacious armrests: the perfect formula for your relaxation.


Zante is a 3-seater corner sofa with a non-reversible right or left-facing peninsula. The Zante sofa features a classic shape that seamlessly complements any living room, including yours. Its generous armrests and padded backrests seem to invite you to 'take a seat.'

Assembly of the product is required.


234 x 148 x 86 cm (width, depth, height)"


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