Bricocenter - The One Stop For DIY Home Essentials

When it comes to essential items in our homes, we’re always looking for reputed brands that offer quality products. But how about a brand that lets you set up all the essentials in your home, all by yourself? We’re talking about BricoCenter, a popular brand that makes DIY essential home products easy for all!


We’re a brand that caters to different common requirements at homes and you’ll find a wide range of products in our stores. Right from gardening to lighting to decoration to hardware, and much more, we’ve got you covered! We’re an umbrella brand and have a range of different brands under our wing. Each brand offers products of its own expertise, and these brands are what makes BricoCenter what it is - a reliable brand that is trusted by people across the globe!


Let’s explore some of our brands and have a look at the wide variety of products on offer:


When it comes to laminates, Artens is the first name that pops into our minds. The brand has a variety of laminates for different purposes, each of which comes in different dimensions. Along with laminates, Artens also has PVC flooring and PVC skirting products.

Thanks to the wide variety of products from Artens, home renovation projects are a complete cakewalk. While laminates are the top-selling products from Arten, the brand also sells a bunch of sundry items such as handrail supports, rollers, shelves, folding doors and a lot more, which are very handy during home renovations.



Looking for a brand that offers the best bathroom fittings and accessories? Your search ends at Sensea! The brand has an amazing range of products that are artsy and blend well with the interiors of your bathrooms and private spaces.

Why settle for a plain soap dispenser, when you can choose the fancy, elegant countertop soap dispenser from Sensea? Apart from soap dispensers, the brand also has a number of other products such as shower kits, brush holders, shower heads, hand showers and other bathroom essentials.



With the wide range of user-friendly appliances from Dexter, DIY projects just got a whole lot easier! The brand has all the tools you require for repairs, installation or maintenance in your homes. Right from abrasive sheets for furniture to sturdy tools, you have it all. Strong and durable, Dexter’s range of products is a must-have in every home, especially if you love doing all the little tasks in your home by yourself.



Lights are an integral part of the interiors of your home. Choosing the right type of light can instantly add an element of elegance to your home. And if you’re looking for a brand that offers you the best bulbs and lights, Lexman is the perfect pick.

The brand has a range of lighting products that leave you spoilt for choice. Each of the products from Lexman is designed with due care and consideration for different types of home interiors. You can pick a single bulb or a pack of bulbs for your home. Lexman also has alkaline batteries of different types in their list of products.



Love gardening? You need to check out Geolia's products right away! Geolia is one of the few brands that have a dedicated range of good-quality gardening tools. The brand has carefully compiled its range of products and has given careful thought to the requirements of gardeners when designing gardening tools.

Considering that these tools will be mostly used outdoors, they are built to sustain the wear, tear and damage that can happen outdoors. You also have seeds for lawns, cleaning equipment, fertilisers and a lot more - all of which are super handy when it comes to gardening



Naterial is the best brand when it comes to outdoor furniture and accessories. The brand has a comprehensive range of furniture and appliances you would require to set up your backyard. The furniture from Naterial is an absolute hit among the masses, as these pieces perfectly encapsulate the vibe of outdoor spaces, and blend into them while making the space more accessible.

Apart from furniture, Naterial also has all appliances and kitchen tools required for an outdoor barbecue session. So if you’re looking to convert your backyard into a useful, functional space, Naterial is the go-to brand!



Don’t have the time to build a shelf for that empty corner in your home? Don’t worry, Spaceo’s got you covered! The brand is a popular pick when it comes to ready-to-use furniture. The designs of Spaceo products make them a great addition to your home. They blend in easily and are very functional.

If you’d still prefer making your own furniture, Spaceo has different types of wood in their range of products as well. Apart from the furniture and wood, Spaceo has other storage products too. If you’re looking to neatly stack stuff lying around in your home into containers, head straight to Spaceo to pick them up. The brand offers these containers in different sizes, so you can pick one according to your space requirements.


Summing Up

All these brands make Bricocenter what it is - a top, reliable brand! So if you’re looking for any home improvement, repair or installation gear, you know where to go! You can also look for other items such as kitchenware, curtains, furnishings, and a lot more from these online stores, which are just a click away! All you have to do is browse through these websites, check out their products and order the ones you feel are the best fit for your home and its ambience. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and check out Bricocenter right away!