BESTÅ - Storage combination with doors, white/Selsviken high-gloss/white

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Everything you need for storing and keeping things organised at home. Choose a ready-made combination or create your own, adapted to your style and belongings. This is just one of many, many possibilities.


Width: 120 cm

Depth: 42 cm

Height: 74 cm

BESTÅ Storage combination with doors, white/Selsviken high-gloss/white, 120x42x74 cm
  • This product comes as 12 packages.
    BESTÅArticle Number802.612.58

    Width: 20 cm

    Height: 3 cm

    Length: 25 cm

    Weight: 0.26 kg

    Package(s): 2

    SELSVIKENArticle Number802.916.32

    Width: 62 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Length: 73 cm

    Weight: 4.42 kg

    Package(s): 2

    BESTÅArticle Number002.955.54

    Width: 36 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Length: 59 cm

    Weight: 2.47 kg

    Package(s): 4

    BESTÅArticle Number102.458.46

    Width: 41 cm

    Height: 11 cm

    Length: 130 cm

    Weight: 16.45 kg

    Package(s): 1

    NANNARPArticle Number202.935.92

    Width: 11 cm

    Height: 11 cm

    Length: 11 cm

    Weight: 0.43 kg

    Package(s): 2

    BESTÅArticle Number502.936.04

    Width: 10 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Length: 36 cm

    Weight: 0.25 kg

    Package(s): 1

IKEA Catania availability

Available at the IKEA Catania Store

IKEA Logistic Center availability.

Item is available at IKEA Piacenza logistic center. If need be it may be ordered. If ordered from the logistic center it will take about 5 weeks to arrive.

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