PAULO Brown wooden plate H 3,5 cm - Ø 36 cm

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The PAULO Brown wooden plate is a beautiful and unique plate that is perfect for any home. The plate is made of Paulownia wood, which is a type of wood that is native to China. The plate has a brown finish and is 3.5 cm high and 36 cm in diameter. The plate is also FSC certified, which means that it has been sourced from a sustainable forest. The plate is also eco-friendly and is made of recycled materials. The plate is a great addition to any home and is perfect for serving food or for decoration. The plate is also a great gift for any occasion.

H 3,5 cm - Ø 36 cm

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This product needs to be orderd from the Begium logistics center. If it is available there, it will take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

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