NEW WOOD Hangers set of 5 black H 23 x W 44.5 x D 1.2 cm

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These sleek black wood hangers are perfect for the modern fashionista. With a sleek design, they take up minimal closet space while still providing ample support for your clothes. The set of 5 hangers is perfect for a small wardrobe or for those who like to have a few extra on hand. Made from eucalyptus wood, these hangers are both eco-friendly and stylish. The smooth surface is gentle on delicate fabrics and the black colour is perfect for hiding any potential stains.


 Height Width Depth
23 cm 44.5 cm 1.2 cm

H 23 x W 44,5 x D 1,2 cm

CASA availability

This product needs to be orderd from the Begium logistics center. If it is available there, it will take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

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