About Us

Who we are

MALTASHOPPER.COM is a personal shopper service that accepts orders for IKEA, collects them from Catania and delivers them to your home or office in Malta.

We give the Maltese Islands the possibility of taking advantage of the stores' competitive prices and high value for money and getting these products to you as quickly as possible by travelling up to Sicily every week.

We deliver to your ground floor and offer free, scheduled delivery services to Gozo. We also offer special delivery services after hours, on weekends as well as on public holidays (at an extra charge). Maltashopper Limited is not a franchise or local branch of any other entity. In particular, Maltashopper Limited is not related in any manner whatsoever to IKEA and makes no representation or warranties on IKEA’s behalf.

Behind the scenes

Maltashopper Limited is a family business which has been running since May 2011. Vanilla Telecoms Limited (a local Internet Service Provider) began the venture in partnership with another company. Whilst growing and expanding, Vanilla Telecoms took charge of the company now called Maltashopper Limited.

Maltashopper Limited is an independent company owned by Mr. David Thake, with another 4 people behind the scenes making sure everything remains on track, and the company is being steered in the right direction.


Meet the team


David Thake


Agnieszka Rusak

Accounts Manager

Rachel Thake

Customer Service Manager

Pamela Zeineh

Accounts Manager